RBT – Psalms – May

Introduction to Psalms 101-150

Part of Book 4 Psalms 101-106

These Psalms bring the smallest collection of Psalms (Ps 90- 106) to an end. The selection speaks clearly to comfort the people in the dark days of the Babylonian exile. They must trust the Lord, thank Him for His continuing love and look to Him alone to fulfil His promises to Abraham and David.

Book 5 Psalms 107-150

This concluding selection of Psalms not only speaks concerning events involving the Babylonian captivity but also rejoices in the return of the exiles, the rebuilding of the temple as well as city and the restoration of temple worship. In contrast to Book 4 many of the Psalms rejoice that the exile is over and that a new day is dawning. Two groups of Psalms (Ps 113-118 and Ps 120 -134) recall the Exodus from Egypt with the return from Babylon viewed as a second Exodus.


  • Ps 107 – An opening song of thanksgiving
  • Ps 108-110 – Psalms of David selected to strengthen both singers and hearers in their service of the Lord.
  • Ps 109 – where David calls down curses on his and the Lord’s enemies, causes problems for many modern day Christians. But as we have seen in Isaiah the Bible always emphasises God’s judgement alongside His love, grace and forgiveness. Peter tells us in Acts 1:16-20 that Judas’ betrayal of Jesus was a fulfilment of verse 8 of this psalm
  • Ps 110 – Verse 1 was quoted by Jesus teaching in the temple.(Mark 12:35-37), Peter in his sermon on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:34-35) and the writer to the Hebrews (1:13). Peter’s exposition makes it plain that the verse prophesises Jesus’ resurrection and ascension
  • Ps 111-112 – In the Hebrew both are alphabetic acrostic poems, where each verse or part of a verse starts with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Godly wisdom that delights in God’s word is extolled.
  • Ps 113-118 – The Egyptian Hallel – These were sung by families as they celebrated the Passover. They sang of the deliverance from Egypt but would also bring the return from Babylon to mind.
  • Ps 119 – This Psalm has been called “The Lord’s A to Z for living”. It is the most elaborate of the Hebrew acrostic poems. Each of the first eight verses starts with Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the next eight verses start with Beth and so on through the twenty two Hebrew letters. It is for private devotion rather than corporate singing. The Psalm’s overall subject is God’s Word and our relationship as believers with it. Eight different terms are used for God’s word – law, commands, testimonies, requirements, decrees, judgements, word and promises.
  • Ps 120-134 – Songs of Ascent – These were sung by pilgrims as they travelled to worship at the temple in Jerusalem.
  • Ps 135- 136 – Thanks and praise to God
  • Ps 137 – A Psalm from the time in Babylon
  • Ps 138-145 – A concluding selection of Psalms written by David
  • Ps 146-150 – Concluding Hallelujah Psalms


Reading Plan for Psalms 101-150 for May 2021

Date  Passage  
Sat 1st May Ps 101 David resolves to rule with integrity.     See 1 Chron 18:14
Sun 2nd May Ps 102 Crying to God when greatly afflicted     (Romans 10:13)
Mon 3rd May Ps 103 The hymn “Praise my soul the King of heaven” is based on this psalm.
Tues 4th May Ps 104 The hymn “O worship the King, All glorious above” is based on this psalm.
Wed 5th May Ps 105 “Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing that He cannot do …”
Thur 6th May Ps 106 Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
Fri 7th May Ps 107 Understanding God’s providence and meditating on His great love
Sat 8th May Ps 108 “On the victory side, on the victory side, no foe can daunt me, no fear can haunt me …”
Sun 9th May Ps 109 David invokes curses on his enemies
Mon 10th May Ps 110 Peter quoted this on the Day of Pentecost. ”God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and Christ.”

Acts 2:36

Ps 111 The Lord’s works and His will for us
Ps 112 The blessings enjoyed by those who fear God
Tues 11th May Ps 113 The Lord lifts up the downcast.
Ps 114 Tremble at the presence of the Sovereign Lord.
Ps 115 Praise and trust in  the living God not lifeless idols.
Wed 12th May Ps 116 We love the Lord because He listens to us.
Ps 117 The Lord is ever faithful.
Thur 13th May Ps 118 The Lord is with me, I will not fear
Fri 14th May Ps 119:1-32 All scripture is God breathed.       (2 Tim3:16)
Sat 15th May Ps 119:33-56 Direct me in the path of Your commands.
Sun 16th May Ps 119:57-80 Before I was afflicted I went astray but now I obey Your commands.
Mon 17th May Ps 119:81-104 Your word is eternal.
Tues 18th May Ps 119:105:128 Your word is a light to my path.
Wed 19th May Ps 119:129-152 The unfolding of Your word gives light.
Thur 20th May Ps 119:153-176 All Your words are true.
Fri 21st May Ps 120 Believers are in the world but not of the world.
Ps 121 Our help comes from the the Lord who never sleeps.
Ps 122 As believers “We are marching to Zion … The beautiful city of God”
Sat 22nd May Ps 123 As good servants we must keep our eyes constantly on our Master
Ps 124 David tells us that “without God we would have lost”.
Ps 125 God surrounds His people as the mountains surround Jerusalem.
Ps 126 God brought the captives back and they laughed for joy
Ps 127 No plan can succeed without God’s blessing.


Sun 23rd May Ps 128 Blessed are all who fear the Lord.
Ps 129 The Lord is faithful, although Israel has been afflicted, they have prevailed.
Ps 130 I wait for the Lord and in His word I hope.
Ps 131 I have calmed and quietened my soul.
Mon 24th May Ps 132 The Lord’s city and His Anointed
Ps 133 The unity of the Lord’s family
Ps 134 Come bless the Lord.
Tues 25th May Ps 135 The Lord’s name endures forever.
Wed 26h May Ps 136 The Lord’s love endures forever.
Ps 137 How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?
Ps 138 David gives thanks to the Lord.
Thur 27th May Ps 139 God knows and sees everything.
Ps 140 David prays for deliverance from evil men.
Fri 28th May Ps 141 David cries to the Lord to listen to his prayers.
Ps 142 David, hiding in the cave, makes God his refuge.
Ps 143 David prays “For Your name’s sake, O Lord, preserve my life.”
Sat 29th May Ps 144 David as the servant–king, prays to  God
Ps 145 The hymn “The Lord is King, lift up your voice” is based on this psalm
Sun 30thMay Ps 146 Trust not in princes but in the God of Jacob.
Ps 147 Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving.
Mon 31st May Ps 148 A call for universal praise to the Lord
Ps 149 Sing a new song to the Lord.
Ps 150 The crescendo to Psalms, the Book of Praises.