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Sunday 8th November

The Drama of Mission – Luke 10:1-24  (Series – Luke’s Gospel)

Sunday 1st November

No Turning Back – Luke 9:51-62 (Series – Luke’s Gospel)


Sunday 25th

Rooted – Romans 16:25-27 (Series – Romans RBT)

Sunday 18th

Ressurection – Romans 6:8-11 (Series – Romans RBT)

Sunday 11th

Reconciled – Romans 5:8 (Series – Romans RBT)

Sunday 4th

Revealed – Romans 1:16-2:29 – (Series – Romans RBT)


Sunday 19th April

A Glimpse of God At Work – Luke 9:1-9

Easter Sunday 12th April

It Certainly Is

Good Friday 10th April

It Is Finished 

Sunday 5th April

Do Not Fear – Luke 8:40-56


Sunday 29th March

Legion’s Liberator – Luke 8:26-39

Sunday 22nd March

Serious Storm, Serious Saviour – Luke 8:22-25

Sunday 15th March

Can You Hear This? – Luke 8:4-21

Sunday 8th March

Women Who Followed Jesus (Grateful & Generous) – 08.03.2019 am (volume quiet)

Ezra – 08.03.2019 pm

Sunday 1st March

Something Out of Nothing – Ezra 1 – Reading The Bible Together

He Became Sin – Together At Four


Sunday 2nd February

Time For Deliverance – RBT: Esther

Guilty – Jesus Dealing With A Heart Like Mine – Together At Four


Sunday 26th January

How To Lose & Gain Friends – Friendship – Proverbs 26.01.2020 am

When Friendship Fails – Friendship – 26.01.2020 pm

Sunday 19th January

Who To Choose – – Friendship – Proverbs – 19.01.2020 am

Soul Winner – Proverbs 11:30 – 19.01.2020 pm

Sunday 12th January

Why Friendship Matters – Friendship – Proverbs – 12.01.2020

For The Name – 3 John – Steve Owens – 12.01.2020

Sunday 5th January

The Gangster Granny And The Princess Who Saved Christmas – RBT 2 Kings – 2020.01.05 am (poor audio – apologies)

Greed – Jesus Dealing With A Heart Like Mine – Together At 4 – 5.01.2020


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