RBT – February

Reading Plan For Luke During February 2022

There is a short video introduction to Luke’s gospel here – Luke’s Gospel

Date Passage
Tues 1st Luke 1:1-24 Gabriel visits Zechariah
Wed 2nd Luke 1:26-56 Gabriel visits Mary, Mary visits Elizabeth
Thurs 3rd Luke 1:57-79 Birth of John the Baptist
Fri 4th Luke 2:1-21 Birth of Jesus
Sat 5th Luke 2:22-52 Two visits to the Temple
Sun 6th Luke 3:1-22 John the Baptist prepares the way
Luke 3:23-38 Jesus’ genealogy
Mon 7th     Luke 4:1-13 Jesus’ temptation
Tues 8th Luke 4:14-42 Jesus’ early ministry
Wed 9th Luke 5:1-32 Jesus calls disciples and works miracles
Thurs 10th Luke 5:33-6:11 Conflict with the Pharisees
Fri 11th Luke 6:12-36 Jesus calls the twelve and preaches on a “level place”.
Sat 12th Luke 6:37-49 Jesus continues preaching
Sun 13th Luke 7:1-17 Two miracles
Mon 14th Luke 7:18-35 Messengers come from John the Baptist
Tues 15th Luke 7:36-8:3 Jesus heals a sinful woman.
Wed 16th Luke 8:4-21 Jesus preaches using parables
Thurs 17th Luke 8:22-39 Jesus calms a storm and casts out demons
Fri 18th Luke 8:40-56 Jesus heals an afflicted woman and Jairus’ daughter
Sat 19th Luke 9:1-17 Jesus sends out the twelve and feeds five thousand people
Sun 20th Luke 9:18 -36 Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ . The transfiguration
Mon 21st Luke 9:37-62 Jesus teaches and corrects his disciples.
Tues 22nd Luke 10:1-24 Jesus sends out the seventy two.
Wed 23rd Luke 10:25-42 The parable of the good Samaritan. Martha and Mary
Thurs 24th Luke 11:1-13 Jesus teaches concerning prayer.
Fri 25th Luke 11:14-36 Jesus responds to what people are saying about Him.
Sat 26th Luke 11:37-12:12 Jesus speaks concerning the Pharisees.
Sun 27th Luke 12:13-34 Parable of the rich fool and teaching concerning earthly wealth
Mon 28th Luke 12:35-59 Stay awake waiting for your Master.