All our sermons since March 2020 are on our Youtube channel.

Below are links to our recent sermon series from our Sunday services. Each series page contains links to all of the currently available sermons in that series. To listen online just click the sermon title. To download a sermon you need to ‘right click’ and then ‘save link as’. It should then let you have a copy. Feel free to distribute these sermons to others if you think they might be of help. We just ask that you don’t edit them in any way.

Series Links

Friendship – Proverbs – January 2020

Ruth – May 2019

Luke – March 2019

Elders – March 2019

Romans – Ongoing

Reading The Bible Together – Ongoing

Together At Four – Ongoing

Plain & Simple – January 2019

Beatitudes – September – December 2018

An Unusual Advent – December 2018

Daniel – February – November 2018

Colossians – January – July 2018

Philemon – July 2018

Individual Sermons