It just doesn’t seem credible does it? How can an institution with such an outdated moral vision and such a grim record of injustice possibly have any relevance today? And how could there possibly be an all powerful God of love in a world like this? There’s just no chance. And if, by some stretch of the imagination, there is a God out there somewhere, well, he had better have a good excuse.

Now, as a Christian, you have to sympathise with a reaction like that (not the bit about God needing an excuse, but the rest of it). Bad things do happen to good people. And the Christian Church has often been a denial of its own message – entombing it beneath its own agenda, or fossilising it into something institutional and static and remote.

But then, at another level, those objections are missing the point. Disasters and tragedies pose huge problems for us all, whatever our beliefs or ideology may be. And Christianity has never been about the church. Its always been about Jesus. He is the issue.

And he is different. When the church gets out of the way long enough for us to see him, then what we see is liberating, humbling, awe-inspiring and satisfyingly counter-cultural. And when the church does get its act together and begin to approximate what it is meant to be, then it demonstrates his love, adds credence to his message and models the world that will one day be.

Maybe, just maybe, this is all worth looking at again.

We are really willing to help with that. You are more than welcome to any of our Services. They run every Sunday at 10.30am and 6pm at St Cuthbert’s School on Letton Road. Or you can find us on a Saturday Morning at our stall in Splott Market.

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