We are a church in Cardiff Bay. You are very welcome to any of our services. We meet every Sunday at 10.30am and 6pm, at St Cuthbert’s School on Letton Road.

What to expect?

Our Sunday services usually last about an hour and a quarter. There will be a Bible reading and a talk from the Bible, singing of some hymns, and a time of prayer. At our Sunday morning service, there’s also a talk for children, a Sunday school and a crèche. You can listen to some recent talks here. Or find out about other things we do as a church here.

Who are we?

We are people with a message. That message is Jesus Christ and him crucified; the free grace of God; justification by faith apart from our own efforts; and the reality and power of the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in the human heart.

Our worldview is shaped by the over-arching narrative of the Bible which, for all its complexity, is one book with one story. This story begins with ‘Creation’ and ‘Fall’ before unfolding God’s plan of ‘Redemption’ and ‘New Creation’ in Christ.

We are concerned above all to know God himself, acknowledging that he formed us for himself and that our hearts will always be restless until they find their rest in him.

We stand therefore firmly in the mainstream of historic, orthodox Christianity, tracing our heritage back through the Evangelical Fathers of the Eighteenth Century, the Reformed Confessions of the Seventeenth Century, and the great ecumenical creeds of the early church, to the Bible itself.

You can read our formal statement of faith here.