RBT – January

Introduction to Genesis

A Video Introduction Is Available Here – Genesis Intro

We stand at the door of the Holy Bible, the Christian Scriptures,  God’s message to the human race. Genesis means origin. This book, written by Moses some time before 1273BC, tells   of the beginning of God’s wonderful plan of redemption. Here we read of the first sin, the first murder, the first war, the first sacrifice… and here we are introduced to all the basic foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.

What then is the first great truth or doctrine we encounter as we enter into Genesis, God’s own introduction to the Bible? Some say it is creation, the foundational truth, the whole universe and everything in it made out of nothing. Others point to the opening words of Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God…” They point out, rightly, that before anything was made God was there alone and He was sovereign in creating the universe (material and spiritual) and  is sovereign in upholding and controlling all that He has made.

These doctrines are true, vital and foundational to our understanding of Biblical truth, but there is one doctrine which logically comes before them, namely revelation. We cannot see God, let alone understand Him by using our physical senses. If we are to know Him and about Him, He must reveal Himself to us. Our Christian faith begins with a belief, a trust, a conviction that there is a God and that He communicates with us. A belief in God, that “He is there and He is not silent” is the beginning of all true religion.

Genesis chapter 1 shows us these things very clearly. The events described here happened before there was anyone to see and record them. We only know about them because the living God caused Moses to give us the precise account He intended us to have. Likewise the rest of Genesis gives us the early history of the human race told from God’s point of view. It tells of His interaction with mankind and the unfolding of His gracious plan of redemption.

Genesis can be divided into two main sections

  1. Genesis 1-11 gives a general overview and history of the world down to the time of Abraham. Tracing events from the creation (ch 1-2) through to the fall (ch 3). Moses tells of the spread of sin and corruption through all the human race. From the time of Cain’s murder of Abel (ch 4) killing and violence increased rapidly. Even the godly line of Seth became corrupted. Eventually God, in judgement, washes the Earth clean with a world-wide flood (ch 6-9). Noah, who finds God’s favour by grace, is saved along with his family, in the Ark. Humanity’s rebellion against God continues at Babel and the nations are scattered across the face of the Earth (ch 11)
  2. Genesis 12-50 Moses here relates the history of His own family the Israelites. Starting from the call of Abram (ch 12) he relates how God cared for and guided the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their families. He concludes by recording how Joseph became Prime Minister of Egypt and saved the family from the great famine.#

Most importantly Genesis shows the unfolding of God’ s plan of redemption. As early as Genesis ch3:15 there is promise of a Saviour.

Reading Plan


Date Passage  
Sat 1st Gen 1:1-25 God creates everything out of nothing
Sun 2nd Gen 1:26-2:3 A people centred universe
Mon 3rd Gen 2:4-25 Details concerning God’s creation of Adam and Eve
Tues 4th Gen 3 The Fall – How did we get here?
Wed 5th Gen 4  Murder Most Foul
Thurs 6th Gen 5 Adam’s descendants down to Noah
Fri 7th Gen 6 God’s remedy as wickedness spreads
Sat 8th Gen 7:1-16 “Trust and obey for there’s no other way”
Sun 9th Gen 7:17-24 “The LORD … has brought desolations on the earth”
Mon 10th Gen 8 After the deluge
Tues 11th Gen 9 God’s Covenant with Noah
Wed 12th Gen 10 Replenishing the Earth
Thurs 13th Gen 11 The confusion of tongues
Fri 14th Gen 12:1-9 The Lord calls Abram
Sat 15th Gen 12:10-20 Faithless Abram in Egypt
Sun 16th Gen 13 Separation to prevent strife
Mon 17th Gen 14 Abram rescues Lot
Tues 18th Gen 15 The Lord’s covenant with Abram
Wed 19th Gen 16 Sarai’s scheme
Thurs 20th Gen 17 Abraham and the covenant of circumcision
Fri 21st Gen 18:1-15 Surprising guests
Sat 22nd Gen 18:16-33 “God’s Friend” pleads for Sodom
Sun 23rd Gen 19 “Behold the goodness and severity of God” –  Rom 11:22
Mon 24th Gen 20 Abraham and Abimelech – the same old story
Tues 25th Gen 21 Diverse days in Abraham’s domestic circle
Wed 26th Gen 22 The mother of all tests!
Thurs 27th Gen 23  These all died in faith – Hebrews 11:13
Fri 28th Gen 24:1-27 “The Lord has led me…”
Sat 29th Gen 24:28-66 Perfect guidance?
Sun 30th Gen 25:1-11 The death of Abraham
Mon 31st Gen 25:12-34 Double trouble –  Esau and Jacob