Daily Briefing – 09.04.2020

RBT Devotion.

Today’s RBT Easter Reading is Matthew 26:17-75, Bob has provided a short devotion on this famous passage for us.

Gethsemane – Matt 26:17-75

This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Thursday – Matthew 26:17-75
  • Friday – John 19:1-37
  • Saturday – John 19:38-42 & Matt 27:62-66
  • Sunday – John 20:1-18
  • Monday – Luke 24:13-35

Bay Time – Episode 022 – The One When Sally Helps Us Think About Our Somali Neighbours.  

Log in and here from our Community Worker Sally all about her insights and connections with the Somali’s of Cardiff and beyond.

The Link for this Episode has been emailed and sent to WhatsApp.

OutReach Ideas.

  • Easter Means Hope

In our Prayer Meeting last night a few different resources were mentioned.

Glenn Scriviner (Australian Evangelist, working in uk) has taken on the trend of putting Rainbows in Windows and tied it to the evangelisitic opportunities we often have at Easter and come up with “Easter Means Hope” – You can take part here creating your own window display that links to a website clearly explaining the gospel.

More Info: http://speaklife.org.uk/hope/

The Page people get taken to: https://eastermeanshope.com/

  •  #Jesuschangedmylife 

On Sunday we also shared another resource which came out of The Gospel Coalition’s day of Fasting and Prayer – An idea of an American Pastor to get Christian’s to share their testimony of how Jesus Changed Their Life. You can find out more here. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/share-your-jesuschangedmylife-story/


Bay Church Kids Bonus Episode

I somehow forgot to include this from yesterdays briefing. There is a Bonus Bay Kids Episode online please check it out.  https://youtu.be/0LcA6xQx-bs

Up & Coming Highlights.

  • Thursday Bay Time – Sally – ‘Our Somali neighbours’
  • Good Friday Bay Time – Devotion
  • Saturday Bay Time – McMillen’s Turn of Hosting the Family Quiz!
  • Easter Sunday Bay Time.
  • Next Week items include – Emily & Sanson, Maged & Joan Drotta to name a few!