Daily Briefing – 10.04.2020

Good Friday Message Online.

There is a short Good Friday message on our YouTube channel the link is here it will go live at 10:30am – https://youtu.be/skywtNwPWp8

Good Friday Bay Kids Message Online.

There is a Bay Kids Good Friday Episode here it will also go live at 10:30am – https://youtu.be/XtBb7LKeh9I

RBT Devotion

Steve has provided todays devotion for us. John 19:1-37 

This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Friday – John 19:1-37
  • Saturday – John 19:38-42 & Matt 27:62-66
  • Sunday – John 20:1-18
  • Monday – Luke 24:13-35

Bay Time – Episode 022.

We had an excellent presentation yesterday from Sally on our Somali Neighbours, very informative and impassioned. Today as it is Good Friday Steve will take us through a short devotion. Zoom link has been emailed to you.

Easter Garden’s

Could you make your own Easter Garden, There is a video here of Chris Owens making hers, (https://youtu.be/Xrk7k6HvNog ) and Zoe has shared this link to help you make yours. https://www.mybaba.com/nanny-anitas-easter-garden/

Join the BayTime zoom call on Easter Sunday to show us all what you have made.

Up & Coming Highlights.

  • Good Friday Bay Time – Devotion
  • Saturday Bay Time – McMillen’s Turn of Hosting the Family Quiz!
  • Easter Sunday Bay Time.
  • Next Week items include – Emily & Sanson, Maged & Joan Drotta to name a few!