Daily Briefing – 08.04.2020

RBT Devotion.

Today’s RBT Easter Readings are found in Matt 26:3-13 – Luke 22:1-6, Glenn has provided a short devotion on these passages for us. You can download the pdf here.

Matt 26:3-13 – Luke 22:1-6

This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Wednesday – Matt 26:3-13 – Luke 22:1-6
  • Thursday – Matthew 26:17-75
  • Friday – John 19:1-37
  • Saturday – John 19:38-42 & Matt 27:62-66

Bay Time – Episode 021 – The One When We Hear of Bob’s Link to The Prince of Preachers – Spurgeon.

Two days of history on the trot, we will be giving out qualification in church history! Yesterday it was Griffith Jones today CH. Spurgeon. Robert Monckton will be talking us through a short sketch, tune in at 12pm. Zoom Link on Email and WhatsApp

Bonus Bay Kids Episode Now Online.

Click here to Hear the story ‘What a Mess! – https://youtu.be/0LcA6xQx-bs

Prayer Meeting Tonight

Tonight we will meet to Pray on Zoom. Link will be sent by Email and WhatsApp.

Getting To Know You Game.

The latest round of Sally’s Getting to Know You game is Online. Check your emails for the relevant links.

Up & Coming Highlights.

  • Thursday Bay Time – Sally – ‘Our Somali neighbours’
  • Good Friday Bay Time – Devotion
  • Saturday Bay Time – McMillen’s Turn of Hosting the Family Quiz!
  • Easter Sunday Bay Time.
  • Next Week items include – Emily & Sanson, Pam on Vietnam, Maged & Joan Drotta to name a few!