Reading The Bible Together – December 2020

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RBT Reading Plan for December 2020

Date Passage Subject
Tues 1st Dec Mark 1 The beginning of Jesus’ ministry
Wed 2nd Dec Mark 2 Jesus heals the paralytic and teaches concerning the Sabbath
Thurs 3rd Dec Mark 3 Many healings and the appointment of the twelve apostles
Fri 4th Dec Mark 4 Jesus teaches using parables
Sat 5th Dec Mark 5 Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the issue of blood
Sun 6th Dec Mark 6:1-29 Rejection, sending of the twelve, death of John the Baptist
Mon 7th Dec Mark 6:30-56 The feeding of the five thousand, walking on the water
Tues 8th Dec Mark 7 Teaching and miracles
Wed 9th Dec Mark 8 Peter confesses Jesus is the Christ
Thurs 10th Dec Mark 9 The transfiguration
Fri 11th Dec Mark 10 The rich young ruler
Sat 12th Dec Mark 11 The triumphal entry
Sun 13th Dec Mark 12 Jesus teaches in the temple
Mon 14th Dec Mark 13 Jesus prophesies on the Mount of Olives
Tues 15th Dec Mark 14:1-31 The Passover and Last Supper
Wed 16th Dec Mark 14:32-72 The betrayal of Jesus
Thurs 17th Dec Mark 15 The crucifixion
Fri 18th Dec Mark 16 The resurrection
Sat 19th Dec John 1:1-18 The Word became Flesh
Sun 20th Dec Luke 1:5-25 The angel appears to Zechariah
Mon 21st Dec Luke 1:26-38 The angel appears to Mary
Tues 22nd  Dec Luke 1:39-56 Mary visits Elizabeth
Wed 23rd Dec Luke 1:57-80 The birth of John the Baptist
Thurs 24th Dec Matt 1:18-25 The angel speaks to Joseph in a dream
Fri 25th Dec Luke 2:1-21 The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and the visit of the shepherds
Sat 26th Dec Luke 2:22-38 Jesus presented at the temple
Sun 27th Dec Matt 2:1-12 The visit of the wise men
Mon 28th Dec Matt 2:13-23 Flight to Egypt
Tues 29th Dec Heb 1:1-14 The supremacy of God’s Son
Wed 30th Dec Phil 2:1-11 The humility of Christ to whom every knee shall bow
Thurs 31st Dec Col 1:9-23 Christ the image of the invisible God