Daily Briefing – 03.05.2020

Here is our outline for our day today. The Lord has given us this gift of one day in seven to particularly focus on him, to meet together and learn from his word. I trust that these provisions below will help you and your families to do that. It would be lovely if as many of you as are able could join us for Bay Time today at 12pm and this evening for a Bible Study at 7pm. As usual there is teaching on the YouTube links below.

 Sunday Sermon:

Sent To Save, Send To Suffer: Luke 9:18-27 – https://youtu.be/kH2i1Y8f-lg (Online at 10:30)

Bay Kids:

 King of The Lions –  https://youtu.be/xbAHAAn2MdE (Online at 10:30)

BayTime Today at 12pm

Bay Time – Sunday Gathering – 12pm. An opportunity to see one another and respond to the message and share reflections.

Zoom Links on email and WhatsApp.

Sunday Evening Bible Study.

In the evening  at 7pm we will be continuing our fortnightly studies in 1 Corinthians. Please read 1 Cor 3 in preparation. We looked at most of 1 Cor 3 last time but there is a little bit at the end to finish off.

Zoom Links on email and WhatsApp.