Daily Breifing – 02.05.2020

RBT Devotion.

Here is the next devotion on Genesis from Steve Owens. – Gen 2:4-25

Forthcoming Readings are as follows

  • Sunday – Psalm 19
  • Monday – Gen 3
  • Tuesday – Gen 4
  • Wednesday – Gen 5
  • Thursday – Gen 6

Community Food Donations.

Butetown Community Centre and Tiger Bay Boxing Club have been process and delivering food donations to those in need in the Butetown area. We intend to try and support them next week. If you would like to contribute then please get in touch. We have been looking for ways that we could support the local area and here is something we can get involved in to bring relief to those in need.

BayTime Episode – 039 – Bay Family Quiz – Today at 12pm

The Bebb family will be our hosts this time around. Looking forward to some fun together.

Zoom Links on email and WhatsApp

Bay Church Art Gallery – from Tony.

Thank you so much for your contributions to the creative activity! Feel free to send me more paintings, drawings, photos, poems, etc. on the theme of ‘the view from my window’, or if you prefer have a think about the next subject, ‘friendship’. I will collect them up and add them to the church Facebook page on Friday evening. Everyone is very welcome to have a go!