Daily Briefing – 18.04.2020

RBT Reading

RBT Devotion for today provided by Glenn Booker on 1 Cor 15

 This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Saturday 1 Cor 15
  • Sunday – 1 Timothy 5 (Back to Normal RBT)
  • Monday – 1 Timothy 6

Bay Time – Episode 031

Lovely to have Maged and Joan yesterday, thought that worked very well and gave us a good insight into the work and how it can continue despite the current restrictions. Today we have the Bay Family Quiz starring baby photos from church people for you to guess who is who.

Zoom Link in Email inboxes and WhatsApp Groups.


We will be returning to our studies in Luke this Sunday with a video on YouTube covering Luke 9:1-9. You should be able to view it from 10:30 Sunday Morning. We will also have BayTime on Sunday at 12pm and then a combined Bible Study continuing our studies in 1 Corinthians. Steve will be leading that Study, it would help if you read 1 Cor 3 in advance.