Daily Briefing – 15.04.2020

RBT Reading

RBT Devotion for today provided by Glenn Booker on Matthew 28v16-20

This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Wednesday – Matt 28:16-20
  • Thursday – Luke 24:50–53;
  • Friday – Acts 1:9-11
  • Saturday 1 Cor 15
  • Sunday – 1 Timothy 5 (Back to Normal RBT)
  • Monday – 1 Timothy 6

Bay Time – Episode 028

Today we have special guests all the way from Canada! We will be hearing from Emily and Sanson. Please tune in from 12pm. Find Zoom Links on Email or WhatsApp.

Bay Family Quiz.

We are looking for Baby photos of you to be sent in so that we can have a quiz round trying to guess which photo matches up to which one of us. If you would like to send them in to me I can co-ordinate.

Monday and Wednesday Evenings

Home Group’s will be gathering on Zoom this Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you are not in a Home Group and would like to be please just get in touch.

The Week Ahead.

  • Wednesday BayTime – Special Guests 1. – Catch up with Emily & Sanson
  • Wednesday Evening – Home Group
  • Thursday BayTime – Special Guests 2. – ‘Followers of Jesus from a closed country’
  • Friday BayTime – Special Guests 3. Maged & Joan Drotta.
  • Saturday BayTime – Bay Family Quiz.