Daily Briefing – 14.04.2020

RBT Reading

RBT Devotion for today provided by Steve Owens on John 20:24-29

This Week’s RBT Easter Readings

  • Tuesday – John 20:24-29
  • Wednesday – Matt 28:16-20
  • Thursday – Luke 24:50–53;
  • Friday – Acts 1:9-11

Bay Time – Episode 027

We will be having a book review of Last Days of Jesus by R.V. Tasker.  Tune in at 12pm.

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Monday and Wednesday Evenings

 Home Group’s will be gathering on Zoom this Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you are not in a Home Group and would like to be please just get in touch.

The Week Ahead.

Tuesday BayTime – Book review of Last Days of Jesus by R.V. Tasker

Wednesday BayTime – Special Guests 1. – Catch up with Emily & Sanson

Wednesday Evening – Home Group

Thursday BayTime – Special Guests 2. – ‘Followers of Jesus from a closed country’

Friday BayTime – Special Guests 3. Maged & Joan Drotta.

Saturday BayTime – Bay Family Quiz.