Lords Day Outline – 17.05.2020

Good Morning!

I Hope you are well, here’s the outline for today. The Lord has given us this gift of one day in seven to particularly focus on him, to meet together and learn from his word. I trust that these provisions below will help you and your families to do that. It would be lovely if as many of you as are able could join us for Bay Time today at 12pm. This Evening we will do something different with a webinar on Zoom. Join us at 7:30pm as we look at a major theme of Genesis as we read that book together.

As usual there is teaching on the YouTube links below.

Sunday Sermon:

A Saviour For Failures:  Luke 9:37-50 – https://youtu.be/Was3Ah-9Amw – (Online at 10:30)

Bay Kids:

Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing – https://youtu.be/AChb7Z9l2dI – (Online at 10:30)

BayTime Today at 12pm

Bay Time – Sunday Gathering – 12pm. An opportunity to see one another and respond to the message, sharing reflections and praying together.

There will also be a poll conducted on the Butetown Food Collections. You will be asked three questions.

  1. Should the church continue to support Butetown Emergency Food Relief?
  2. How often should we co-ordinate donations?
  3. Should we alternate responsibility via the Home Groups?

Zoom Links on email and WhatsApp

Sunday Evening Webinar – 7:30pm

 In the evening we will be breaking from our studies in 1 Corinthians and from our Men’s & Women’s Groups. We will have a session instead on a particular theme in Genesis which we are currently reading together. Please join for 7:30pm.

Zoom Links on email and WhatsApp