Coronavirus Our Response.

Our nation and with it much of the world is in the grip of this Pandemic. For a week now our lives have been completly changed. Changes have had to be made to church life also. In days of change we are grateful for one who never changes.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 13:8

This page will give you a little overview of provisions we have made in recent days.

Bay Time

Since we have had people in isoaltion the church has established a regular video conference calls, using the tool Zoom. This has enabled us to connect despite being in our own homes, see each-others faces and hear one anothers voices. Some people log on each time, others do so when they can. It is an oppurutnity to check in with oneanother, lift our spirits and pray.



Sundays At Home

It is important that we honour our govenment and heed their instruction not to gather, we also display love for our neighbour in limiting the chances of the virus spreading among us. This is a huge loss to us as a church. The church afterall is the gathered people of God, who for over two thousand years have met week by week on the first day of the week to worship God together, gathered around his word, listening for his voice.

To try and keep some continuity going we have coninued our studies in the book of Luke. Sermons are recorded in the week and then added to our new YouTube chanel. We also hope to add stories for the children who will be missing out on seeing eachother and hearing the Good News of Jesus in Sunday School.

In the evenings we will be alternating between a whole church Bible Study on Zoom, and Men’s and Women’s Bible studies.




We are used as a church to alternating between Prayer Meeting and Home Groups. Though unable to meet in person we will endevour with Zoom to continue this pattern.


RBT Devotions

The Bay Church for over a year has been Reading The Bible Together. Every morning devotions on a particular chapter we have been reading together are circualted by email. Different members of the church contribute these, helping us get the most from our reading and reminding us that we are in this together and we are not alone! God is there and he is not silent.