Reading The Bible Together – Mar 2019

We launched Reading The Bible Together in October 2018. It is a way for the whole church community to read through the same book(s) of the Bible at the same time. It also forms the content for our monthly Home Groups. Each month we will meet to discuss what we have read, what we have learned and any questions we have.

We will be reading Ezekiel together during March. Take your time, go at your own speed and begin in chapter 1 and keep reading through. This is a bigger book than we have read so far in RBT. If you are able to read a chapter a day during the week and two chapters each day on the weekend, that will see you to the end of the book . As you do ask the Lord to make clear to you what He is saying through his word. Write down anything that strikes you, puzzles you, or encourages you.

Who wrote it?

Written by Ezekiel. Ezekiel born a priest, called to be a prophet of God to the exiles in Babylon.

What is is about?

Immediate focus of the book is the sin of Israel and the Judgement of God seen in the exile of his people to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem. We see the Lord appear to Ezekiel (Ch.1) and then we see his presence leaving the temple in Jerusalem (Ch.10).

1. Ch.1-3 – Call & Commissioning of Ezekiel
2. Ch.4-24 – Judgement On Judah Preceding Siege Of Jerusalem. (God’s Anger)
3. Ch.25-32 – Judgement On the Nations (Gods Sovereignty)
4. Ch. 33-48 – Hope For The Future. (Gods Compassion & Mercy)
(structure adapted from Fee & Stuart, How To Read Your Bible: Book By Book)

What to look out for?

See The Sign Believe The Message – Ezekiel as the messenger of God wasn’t only to speak for God but to act out the message. In a number of unusual actions Ezekiel is seen acting out elements of God’s Judgement on Israel. Difficult for us to associate with some of these. Israel had become so deaf to the word of God, now they are being signed the message. Will they now hear?

The Darkness of Sin – In a book like Ezekiel the fallen ruin of humanity is clear to see. The great privileged God had given Israel as a nation, had all been scorned. Time was up the just judgement of God was at hand to devastate his own people. The Book makes clear it was nothing that they did not deserve.

The Purity of The Light – Against such a dark backdrop in the last section of the book when rays of light begin to shine through, the light is even more startling due to the darkness of the backdrop. When we understand the true darkness of the human condition we have a better appreciation of the Grace of God in Salvation.

Repeated Phrases: There are a number of repeated phrases in the book, which are worth understanding.

  • ‘In the appearance of’ – Ezekiel is given blinding images of the glory of God which are described in striking detail. His use of this phrase makes it clear that we are not to force the pictures too far, they were in a sense indescribable, language isn’t capable of describing completely what he saw; Glory.
  • ‘That they may know’ – In a book which we often find hard to understand it is striking how many times this phrase come up. God’s dealing with Jerusalem, and even the nations around are so that they might know that HE and He alone is God.
  • ‘Son of man’ – Ezekiel is regularly referred to as Son of man. The phrase Son of Man in Daniel 7 points us toward a divine figure, but in Ezekiel it is often how God refers to Ezekiel, it speaks then of his difference, separateness. his earthliness in contrast to God. This is a name which Jesus adopts in the gospel accounts of his life. It would seem that Jesus is wanting both ideas the human and divine when he takes the name for himself.

Bay Church Reflections

Each month we will look to refer to the book of Ezekiel as often as possible. Increasing our familiarity with the book and providing more opportunity to learn from it. As they happen this page will be updated.

  • Introductory Sermon
  • Home Groups Mar 13th & 27th
  • Prayer Meeting January 6th, 20th
  • Children’s Address during Morning Meeting.

Introductory Sermon

Sunday 3rd March

The Problem & Promise Of The People Of God


If you have any questions about the book of Ezekiel as you read please contact Andrew:


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