Week of prayer

We have had two prayer meetings already. If you haven’t been able to make them don’t worry we still have 3 more to go.

Friday 7.30pm – Rach Holt’s House

Saturday 8.30am – Ruth Williams House

Sunday 9.40am – St. Cuthbert’s


All the sermons from the summer that we have recorded are now available for you to listen to. Normal service will resume now, with the Sunday sermons being posted on the Monday after they were recorded. Here is the link to the web page – https://thebaychurch.org.uk/sermons/

Home groups Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow evening we are having home groups instead of our prayer meeting.

The questions are based on Sunday’s morning sermon which is available on the church website.


Road closures on Sunday

cycle race

There is a bike race on Sunday which means more road closures. People from the South don’t have to worry but those from the North may need to take a different route to get to church.

Here is the link to the map showing the closures – http://www.velothon.com/~/media/b0ef5adfa70e4095800391b70fc97597/cardiff%20outbound%20road%20closure%20map.pdf

Home groups

This Wednesday is a home group week. The sermon which the questions are based on is now on the church website. Due to a technical problem on Sunday morning it wasn’t recorded in the normal way. We were able to upload the recording thanks to Bob who recorded it from where he was sitting. Due to this the recording isn’t of great quality.